Welcome to my gallery of Fine Art Photography.

Inside this gallery I have collections and series of different styles, they all start as singular images, still lifes or in camera abstracts and then they grow from there into mixed media art, different collections will be added as I feel the pull of a particular feel or vibe as time allows.

I invite you to browse through my digital “art gallery” and just enjoy the feel or emotion of these expressive collections, pour yourself a wine or make a cuppa depending on whats appropriate in your neck of the woods and take a virtual break from the world.

If an artwork in here reaches in and tugs at your souls then I would of course be happy to print you off a frameable art print of it, it would be my absolute pleasure to get that sorted for you, all you need to do is just let me know you have connected with a particular piece and I will sort out the rest for you, maybe you have not connected with one of the mixed medias directly but you think it will give your room a vibe or feel that your trying to achieve well golly me that’s ok to, again just tell me what image it is and I will get it ready to grace your home and share the expression and feel that it has.

I even have different size options for you, however you don’t need to worry about that right now because once you share your interest in a particular image I can send you details of sizes and prices with little fuss or drama (or obligation), however if you like to suss those things independently why its no problem and so easy to just click here and it will take you through to a different platform that has those details, you can just have a click around and suss it out, see what this image looks like on a wall and then jump back to this gallery or if you like you can even just pop an order directly though without needing to touch base with me first.

The option is all yours, I like options so its only fair that I give them to you right!

A little background on me if you want, I have been a photographer on the Mid North Coast since the early 90's working as a commercial photographer covering everything from dogs to people, homes to weddings, small family events to major local events.

My landscapes and seascapes are a result of having a passion for natural beauty, our local area and photography.

My aesthetic collections come from mindful photography sessions (I also teach that), mindful photography has been a practice that has been integral through most of my life, in fact it was something I did before the term “mindful” was as utilized as it is today or before I was even aware of what it was I was doing.

My fine art imagery came from a deep desire to do something more with my images, to take things to a deeper place, to push boundaries within myself and also around me and to challenge those who told me photography is not an artform (don’t even get me started), I needed to find another way to express what was in and around me without needing to use words, life pushed me if you like or my guardian angel guided me to follow a path to this form of creative expression, the latter is the version I prefer.

Anyway that’s enough rambling from me, these collections are always expanding and growing as time and nature allows me to get out to do more photography, so drop back by and check for new work every now and then, let me know you have been by its always lovely to get feedback, your thoughts are important to me.

If you have a location or vibe you would like to see added please let me know, ultimately I am the same as most artists and need positive vibes and connection via my practice and what I do so feel free to email me here to share your thoughts and give feedback.
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