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I use photographs taken during photoshoots, life and travels to create these mixed media artworks. Many a time have I gone out just to photograph the right background or texture, not for a specific artwork but with an intuition of something needed to create with.

While these are all made from a photograph and are the same medium in digital form they are all different subjects and mediums that I photograph so to me they are mixed media it is just the way that I have adhered them together that is the same, a process I guess you could say, just as one artist may use a glue process with different mediums I am using a camera and computer to adhere my different mediums together into one artwork.

All of these are available printed onto canvas or fine art art paper.

For details contact me via email [email protected]
A Life Lit By Hope copy 2archaic emotionsarchaic emotions.vert1archaic emotions.vert2Beach House Bliss By Cherie MortonBeginingsBeginings.vert1Beginings.vert2Beginings.vert3By A Thread By Cherie Mortoncloudy with a chance of romancecloudy with a chance of romance.vert1cloudy with a chance of romance.vert2Cranberry Crush By Cherie MortonDaily Realms By Cherie MortonDancing Nights By Cherie MortonEase The Pace By Cherie MortonElements Of Hope By Cherie MortonEnchantment 1 By Cherie MortonFlight Or Fancy copy 2