These wedding images have been captured and crafted by Cherie Morton.

With a wealth of experience in professional photography, spanning back to the early 90's, Cherie will capture your day with a feeling of calm, discreet respect, along with a healthy dose of creativity, using a balance of blending into the crowd to allow your guests to enjoy as much of the day with you as possible and at the same time stepping forward when its time to delicately guide a photo opportunity to ensure your memories of the day are captured.

Cherie follows a strong belief that “Its not my day, and its not my photoshoot, I am there to capture the natural romance, connection and fun as the day unfolds, its not about me its about my couples”.

Cherie takes the role of capturing the memories of her clients day with absolute respect for her role and how it becomes a part of family history.

"I passionately believe that everyone should be able to have access to affordable, quality photography, photography is the capturing of a present moment that in the future becomes our history, that is a freaking cool thing to be part of." and has been known to donate her services to multiple worthy and appreciative families.

It is so important to gel with your photographer because they are with you and part of one of the most special days of your life, Cherie encourages her couples to meet her in person and to have a chat to make sure the vibe is positive and fun, that way she becomes an addition to the joy of the day rather then something or someone to be endured.

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