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Welcome to the World of Creative Patterns

Hello there! I'm Cherie, and I've been capturing life's moments through my lens since the late 80s. But guess what? I've embarked on an exciting journey that's taking me beyond photography.

Now, I'm diving headfirst into the mesmerizing world of surface pattern design, and I couldn't be more thrilled to share my creations with you.

Why Surface Patterns? Because It's My Calm in the Storm
Creating surface pattern designs is like a soothing symphony for my mind. In the hustle and bustle of life, it offers me a peaceful refuge. These designs start with a single photo, and then I weave them into a harmonious montage of colors and textures. It's a magical process that's as unpredictable as it is enchanting.

Local Printing for the Win
Once I've worked my creative magic on these designs, they are lovingly printed right here in Port Macquarie. The result? Patterns that make excellent paper craft bases. Whether you're a professional looking for unique commercial solutions or an everyday crafter seeking fresh paper products, you're in for a treat.

Unique, Just Like You
What makes my surface pattern designs extra special is that they create the foundation for something truly unique. When you use my pattern papers in your projects, you're almost guaranteed that no one else will have done the same thing. It's like having your own secret ingredient that sets your creations apart from the rest.

Embracing Control and Serendipity
As I craft these patterns, there's a dance between control and serendipity. Some days, I meticulously guide every element, while on others, I let the creative winds carry me. It's a bit like a chemical experiment, where the process is known, but the result always carries a hint of nature's unpredictability. That's the beauty of it!

Beyond Paper - Think Fabrics
While my surface patterns look amazing on paper, they have the potential to transform fabrics into works of art as well. Whether it's for commercial use or personal projects, these designs have endless possibilities.

So, if you're a professional seeking to purchase the rights to use my unique designs in your commercial endeavors, or an everyday crafter on the lookout for distinctive paper products, you're in the right place. I invite you to explore my portfolio and embrace the world of surface patterns with me.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you'd like to discuss how my designs can elevate your projects.
Let's embark on a creative journey together – one pattern at a time.
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