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Hey there, fellow art enthusiasts! Let me take you on an offbeat journey into the wacky world of my Vintage Fusion series.

Picture this: a desire sparked within me to concoct something with that oh-so-charming vintage travel poster vibe. This creative itch had been tickling my brain for years, and after a bit of trial and error, I've stumbled upon this fantastic creative flow that I'm just bursting to share with all of you.

So, here's the lowdown on my artistic alchemy: I kick things off with a local landscape photo I've snapped, treating it as my canvas. Now, some folks might call it "editing," but with my roots in darkrooms and minilabs from the late '80s, I prefer the term "processing." It's got a nostalgic ring to it, don't you think? Next, I sprinkle in some texture and toss in extra elements sourced from vintage photos I've collected, scanned, and even snagged from my lovely scanning clients who graciously let me play with their memories.

Each layer becomes a dance partner, blending seamlessly into the previous one to create a visual symphony that pleases my artistic sensibilities. Think of it as a digital collage extravaganza! Some elements serve as backgrounds, others are delicately cut out and pasted on top, and a few act as the magical glue that binds it all together seamlessly. It's a vintage fusion collage, my friends, and let me tell you,
I absolutely adore the process of bringing these quirky creations to life. Now, if only I could "cut out" some more time for myself to infuse a bit more creativity into my day-to-day – see what I did there? Let the artistic fusion continue! 🎨✨

To order one of these works or find out what editions are available still please contact Cherie right here
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