Step into the vibrant world of my culinary and beverage snapshots, a delightful fusion of passion projects and a sprinkle of paid gigs! Picture this gallery as a bustling kitchen of creativity, where I whip up visual treats using the ingredients of my lens and the artistry of my studio.

In this delightful kitchen, there are two flavourful sections awaiting your exploration – one dedicated to the art of food and the other to the intoxicating world of drinks. Think of it as my experimental playground, where I'm cooking up a storm of visual narratives and photographic concoctions.

Dive into this gallery, savouring the delightful goodness that unfolds when food becomes a canvas for visual expression and storytelling. These images are more than just pixels; they're a symphony of flavours, a dance of colours, and a feast for the eyes.

If any of these visual delicacies pique your interest, or if your food-centric venture could use a dash of my photographic flair, just give me a shout! As I navigate this delectable journey, I'm open to contra deals – a collaborative dance to spice up and refresh my portfolio.

Now, a snapshot of my background: I've been capturing moments on the Mid North Coast since the '90s, lensing everything from playful pups to festive weddings. My love for landscapes and seascapes mirrors my passion for the natural beauty that surrounds us, frozen in time through my lens.

My aesthetic collections are born from mindful photography sessions, a practice I not only indulge in but also teach. It's a dance I've been grooving to since before "mindful" became a buzzword, capturing moments with intention long before it was in vogue.

Fine art, to me, is a journey into the depths of creativity. It's a response to the naysayers who dared challenge whether photography could be art. My images are a silent conversation, a profound expression that transcends words. Life nudged me towards this path, or perhaps my guardian angel nudged a bit harder – whichever version you prefer.

But enough about me and my visual escapades! These collections are like a growing recipe book, expanding as time and nature permit me to venture out with my lens. Swing by regularly for a taste of the new, and don't be shy – your feedback is the secret ingredient!

Feel free to drop me a line if you have a specific flavour or vibe you'd like to see added. Like any artist, I thrive on positive vibes and connections through my work. Your thoughts are the spices that enhance the flavour of my artistic journey.

So, let's stay in touch – shoot me an email, and let the visual feast continue!
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