Welcome to my gallery of food and beverage photography taken as passion projects mostly with a few paid gigs also, its still in the process of being filled as I locate all my related imagery.

Inside this gallery you will find two sub galleries, one dedicated to food and the other to drinks this is a relatively new subject matter for me and one that is at the forefront of my studio photography exploration.

I invite you to browse through this gallery and just enjoy the delightful goodness that can be created with food as a medium of visual expression and story telling.

If something about these images peeks your interest or if you have a food product or business that could benefit from my exploration into food photography then all you need to do is just let me know . At this point of my journey I am opening to doing some contra deals so I can build and freshen this portfolio.

A little background on me if you want, I have been a photographer on the Mid North Coast since the early 90's working as a commercial photographer covering everything from dogs to people, homes to weddings, small family events to major local events.

My landscapes and seascapes are a result of having a passion for natural beauty, our local area and photography.

My aesthetic collections come from mindful photography sessions (I also teach that), mindful photography has been a practice that has been integral through most of my life, in fact it was something I did before the term “mindful” was as utilized as it is today or before I was even aware of what it was I was doing.

My fine art imagery came from a deep desire to do something more with my images, to take things to a deeper place, to push boundaries within myself and also around me and to challenge those who told me photography is not an artform (don’t even get me started), I needed to find another way to express what was in and around me without needing to use words, life pushed me if you like or my guardian angel guided me to follow a path to this form of creative expression, the latter is the version I prefer.

Anyway that’s enough rambling from me, these collections are always expanding and growing as time and nature allows me to get out to do more photography, so drop back by and check for new work every now and then, let me know you have been by its always lovely to get feedback, your thoughts are important to me.

If you have a location or vibe you would like to see added please let me know, ultimately I am the same as most artists and need positive vibes and connection via my practice and what I do so feel free to email me here to share your thoughts and give feedback.
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