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Grand thoughts and less then grand time availability and we … ok I found myself sitting at my PC for the umpteenth time procrastinating on what to write and for the same number of times that I have sat and floundered on what to write I have ended up processing photos or doing something similar instead. If you want to see some of the images I have been processing you can find my personal and content photography Instagram by clicking here

PSX_20201018_201426PSX_20201018_201426My happy addiction - processing the images I take.

Then it flowed into my mind that maybe its not what I write but what I do and see that goes here, a kind of (mostly) visual diary, I mean really who wants to read the thoughts of a mid-forties …ok maybe late forties, menopausal, creative business woman who is sitting on the edge of still teaching her children to be independent and confident adults without her, while also feeling the loss of them because they are becoming independent young adults who don’t need her as much – that’s success right?

_ALI9294 copy_ALI9294 copy

While at the same time navigating becoming a blushing (lets be real, that could just be a hot flush) bride again and starting life over with an amazing, tall, handsome, strong and clever man who is also a second timer and we both have intermittent communication and connection to our former households, throw in a dash of health fun (I did say I'm a woman in my late forties right!) and also the ownership and management that comes with running a second business (which is actually the first business) that has been established for 47 years and been in my partners family for the majority of that – no pressure at all!!


I mean really – no one wants to read about the life from a person with that much going on, you want pretty, funky pictures to escape into that allow you to breath, be inspired and take a break from your own life ...right?

My creative break is my reimagined photography ..if you want a little extra escape you can find me right here


Putting that aside I am not great with grammar nor punctuation and don’t get me started on spelling - so I will do my best to delight your life with mostly visual escape and maybe a few words here and there to explain or express an experience or feeling that is linked to a photo.


So come along if you like, Id love your feedback its most welcome.


On that note please feel free to wonder and stroll through the blogs below and enjoy some of the visual perspectives I encounter and enjoy living here in Port Macquarie, on the Mid North Coast of Australia with my loves. 


Visual Serendipity - A weekend at Crescent Head

November 15, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
Shall we take a little visual walk.. There we were just two tired biz owners heading away to take a moment or two to contemplate that we had been loving each other for 10 years. We didn’t have time to head off in the camper so as a treat we booked a room at a local accommodation venue. It was called The Med - we will be back it was such a deligh...
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Life On The Mid North Coast Via My Lens - Transitions

May 15, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
Lets walk a while.. Oh game of life how you do like to spin the wheel and play your cards with surprise! On the 22nd of March we received a termination of lease notice due to some major foundational building repairs that had to happen to the house, like many on the Mid North Coast we had to get on the home search, to say it set us in a spin wou...
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Life on the MNC Via My Lens - A Reflective Walk On Shelly Beach

April 05, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
Shall we talk a stroll then.. Oh the delight of a sky that holds blue.. a bit like a heart that stays true! Here is a little cloud gazing for you, what can you see? As we walked along the beach ravaged by big seas and flood debris we found ourselves in a game of eye spy.. the bountiful and sometimes unexpected visions kept us in a st...
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Life On The Mid North Coast Via My Lens - Sunday Chill

March 21, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
Shall we take a visual walk then.. A blissfull way to start the day is watching it wake with the sounds of waves sliding into shore. A mix of local produce and pantry/fridge items thrown together on the BBQ while chatting over the balcony as neighbours walk by talking of the sunshine meanwhile the sun is caressing my soul. Nothing like a c...
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