Step right into the delight of my Mid North Coast Photo Wonderland!

Explore sub galleries showcasing different spots, from beaches to charming townships. As time waltzes by, I'll refine those townships into even more defined nooks.

Embark on a digital art stroll, soak in the vibes of these fantastic places. Whether you're sipping wine or brewing a cuppa, depending on the time of day, take a virtual vacay from reality.

If a photo tugs at your soul, I'd be thrilled to whip up a frameable print or a ready-to-hang canvas.

Just holler about the image that tickles your fancy, and I'll handle the rest. Maybe a picture hasn't quite grabbed your inner heart space, but you believe it'll breathe life into your space and set the perfect vibe? No worries, point it out, and I'll prep it to grace your home with good vibes.

Sizes? Prices? No sweat—I've got options galore! Once you're hooked on an image, I'll shoot over the deets with zero fuss. If you're the independent type, click here for a detour to a platform with all the nitty-gritty. Check out how that image jazzes up a wall, and bounce back to this gallery. Feeling spontaneous? Order away without a pre-chat.
Why? Because I love options, and it's only fair to share the love, right?
A smidgen about me: I've been a Mid North Coast photographer since the '90s, capturing everything from dogs to wedding shindigs. Landscapes and seascapes? Born from my passion for natural beauty, the local scene, and photography.

My aesthetic snaps? Born from mindful photo sessions (I even teach that!). It's a practice woven into my life before "mindful" was cool.
Fine art imagery? A deep dive into expressing more, pushing boundaries, and thumbing my nose at those who say photography isn't an artform (don't get me started).

Enough chatter! These collections are living, breathing entities, expanding as time and nature allow me to snap more. Swing by, keep tabs on fresh work, and drop me a line. Your thoughts matter in this creative universe.

Got a spot or vibe you're itching to see? Holler at me! Like any artist, I thrive on good vibes and connections. Shoot me an email to spill your thoughts and dish out some feedback.
Let's keep this creative party rolling!
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