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Flowers 1

Flowers 1

Flowers 1
The ReImagined Series is a fusion of photography and digital textures and methods, inspired by some of the worlds greatest artists, all to conceptualize and create a series of artworks that represented actual spaces, places and nature with an essence of a traditional artwork inspired by some of the great artists.

This series was commissioned by local art gallery Sunset Gallery to provide a portion of their client base that wanted wall décor that had the essence of traditional but had the economical viability to suit the end result they needed.

The ReImagined Series is printed to a cotton rag style of art paper that enhances the feel of the texture and traditional art essence it is aiming to slot into, while it isn’t the highset shelf option it sits in a comfortable space of exceptional quality at an economical price point that is more sustainable to a large portion of décor designers, home décor lovers, short stay accommodation styling and those who love to enjoy and live with art that may not at the time suit original art budget.