Visual Serendipity - The Art of Seeing

April 23, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

Do you see?

It's a question often asked but perhaps not pondered deeply enough. As a multidisciplinary photographic artist, I find myself constantly immersed in the act of seeing. But it's more than just observing; it's about feeling what you see and seeing what you feel. It's a symbiotic (thats a big word for a Wednesday afternoon - after working on "website-y" things all day haha) relationship between perception and emotion that shapes the essence of my work.

In my studio, every day brings a new canvas, a new opportunity to capture the essence of the human experience. Recently, I had the privilege of hosting two fellow artists for mini creative shoots on behalf of Sunset Gallery. They arrived, brimming with their own stories and inspirations, ready to collaborate in the shared language of visual art.

Montage by Reimagined Images of Yvonne Kiely No 2Montage by Reimagined Images of Yvonne Kiely No 2An image of Yvonne Kiely created in preparation of social and web content for sunset Framing & Gallery in Port Macquarie.

I asked them to "pose" in unconventional ways - I have shared a couple of what I consider more conventional versions of our photoshoot, I urged them to step outside the boundaries of familiarity. It may have seemed perplexing to them in the moment, but I knew that within the layers of discomfort lay the seeds of magic. For me, photography isn't just about capturing a moment; it's about unraveling the layers of perception and revealing the hidden truths beneath the surface.

As a professional creative, my journey extends far beyond the confines of the studio. Today, amidst the chaos of administrative tasks, I will dive into the process of transforming these raw images into evocative narratives. Like many creatives, I wear multiple hats, seamlessly transitioning between my role as an artist and the demands of the "day hat" – whether that be managing the business side of my creative endeavors or engaging in other professional pursuits.

Montage by Reimagined Images of Beric Henderson 2 copyMontage by Reimagined Images of Beric Henderson 2 copyAn image of Beric Henderson created in preparation of social and web content for sunset Framing & Gallery in Port Macquarie. I have immerged Beric within one of his artworks and at the same time he sits on the same artwork like a beach ball. The Artwork title is called Tsunami.

But fear not, fellow self-employed artists, for I come bearing wisdom! Here are five time management tips to help you navigate the tumultuous waters of creative entrepreneurship:

1. Establish a Routine: Embrace the power of routine like it's your favorite cozy sweater. Set a consistent schedule for your creative exploits, administrative duties, and, of course, mandatory snack breaks. Because let's be real, no one can create on an empty stomach.

2. Prioritize Tasks: It's like playing a game of artistic Tetris, but with deadlines instead of falling blocks. Identify your top priorities each day and tackle them head-on. Just remember to save some room for those pesky administrative tasks – they may not be as glamorous, but they're essential for keeping the creative train chugging along.

3. Time-Blocking: Think of time-blocking as the artist's equivalent of a well-orchestrated symphony. Divide your day into designated time blocks for different activities, whether it's editing photos, answering emails, or indulging in a much-needed coffee break. It's all about finding harmony amidst the chaos. I actually Time-block my week now too, each day is set to a certain "hat" with spaces for hat swapping if need be - just to keep my near by humans happy too ;) 

4. Minimize Distractions: Imagine this: you're in the zone, channeling your inner creative genius, when suddenly... ping goes your phone. Sound familiar? Minimize distractions by silencing notifications, creating a dedicated workspace, and practicing the fine art of saying "no" to interruptions – unless, of course, it's an emergency supply run for more coffee.

5. Delegate and Outsource: Repeat after me: you are not a one-person army. Recognize when it's time to call in reinforcements, whether it's hiring a professional photographer to digitize your artworks - ahhh that can be me like I did for these artists or enlisting the help of fellow artists for collaborative projects. Trust me, your sanity will thank you.

So, the next time you find yourself juggling a dozen hats and wondering if there's enough caffeine in the world to fuel your creative endeavors, remember these time management tips. Embrace the chaos, find your rhythm, and above all, keep seeing – because the world is waiting for your unique perspective.

Until next time, keep creating and may your creative endeavors be as boundless as your imagination. ~ Photographer Cherie ~



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