Life on the MNC Via My Lens - A Reflective Walk On Shelly Beach

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Shall we talk a stroll then ..



Oh the delight of a sky that holds blue.. a bit like a heart that stays true!

Here is a little cloud gazing for you, what can you see? 

_ALI2530 copy 2_ALI2530 copy 2




As we walked along the beach ravaged by big seas and flood debris we found ourselves in a game of eye spy .. the bountiful and sometimes unexpected visions kept us in a state of both shock and delight.

_ALI2551 copy 2_ALI2551 copy 2

Our lovely Shelly Beach with soft sands and long clear stretches of clean sand has been brutalised by the force of the ocean recently, all the soft sands just gone with chunks of grass areas also gone .. this part had us in shock... like so many others taking a stroll on a Sunday afternoon.

_ALI2545 copy 2_ALI2545 copy 2

Its amazing how the beaches change with weather cycles and life, the rocks come and go, the sand shifting with tides and seas.


One of the beauties was all the textures, colour and pattern left in the sand as water passed over it, both the ocean and the run off seeping out of the hillside. Natures abstracts are everywhere.

_ALI2537 copy 2_ALI2537 copy 2



This water trickle came out of the rocks at the Northern end of Shelly Beach, it was like magic just trickled with a determined pace and then the sand swallowed it right there, its journey no longer visible to the eye. _ALI2556 copy 2_ALI2556 copy 2



It just kept coming like a never ending supply fighting for its way sometimes it gained further distance and sometimes less a battle of elements, it just kept disappearing into the sand, as the flow and volume changed the trickle path moved from left and right leaving nothing but little feather like marks to hint at its existence. A truly magical little moment with nature and my tall, dark and handsome. _ALI2557 copy 2_ALI2557 copy 2



Do you ever feel like you could just hide and blend into the background of life so you can just do "your thing" without judgment or being questioned? Well this little gut did a wonderful job of doing just that, I think that his presence was sensed before it was seen and then he was just scurrying here and there trying to get away from my lens, from my view so that he could just get on with what he was doing. _ALI2549 copy 2_ALI2549 copy 2

Such a busy and fast little creature and so easy to miss if you are not aware.


Another statement of contrast by nature, the sand pale and soft in its appearance, so tiny if seen by the single grain yet put together becomes binding and strong and encompassing holding forward the dark and strong in sight piece of seaweed attached to the hard rock, sitting beside the wood that was once hard and grounded in earth, the seaweed, rock and wood all at some point sturdy, strong and fixed in their original settings have all been displaced by the force of nature, now lost and sitting exposed to all and any.

We can learn so much from nature and its elements.

_ALI2566 copy 2_ALI2566 copy 2



These clouds held us for several moments, leaving us wondering what was creating the shadow that was cast across the sky, the sun was behind our backs no longer touching the water and this angle of changing light appeared to hold our gaze and thoughts.

_ALI2565 copy 2_ALI2565 copy 2



Leaving you here just where we started, with clouds to gaze at and see what you can see.

_ALI2569 copy 2_ALI2569 copy 2


See you next time for another stroll through the delights found in front of my lens.
Peace, Love & Happiness Cherie



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